dallas turn around and see what's behind you because it will slip through your legs and wind up on the other side. 980820
Tess i cannot stop rhyming "true" and "you".

it all goes back (going back, jumping forward, then going going back, forward click, going back) to "you are not alone, because i am pronouncing 'you'."
deb the things we wish for
hope for
dream of
sometimes are the things we
simply cannot have

life sucks that way
Tank no such thing in my world. it's all about what you choose. (try to be conscious of your unconscious choices...) 000803
j_blue constrains 010124
[oiu42 jfi urcio2 010415
crissa cannot is one word?
i forgot...
Tjousk find the words I want to use 011107
penfold I cannot cure myself. I need help, but she tried to help me and I hated her for it. 040913
Kim i fear i lack the skills normal people use every day. they're not even skills. these things are supposed to come naturally and they seem to have escaped me, maybe when I was seven 041020
minnesota_chris maybe when you were seven you stopped finishing your sentences? 041021
sirflaccid I cannot allow this to happen again.

But I have to find a way to open up yet be true to myself.

If I survive this with some shred of sanity.
what's it to you?
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