Anon What is your E! True Hollywood Story? Where did you come from? Where are you going? Make 'em anon if you like the mystique.

Me: Behind the Blathe
Grew up in the pacific northwest. Youngest of 2 kids. Awkward, goofy, easily amused, easily targeted for ridicule. Creative, has always loved to entertain. Never grew out of toys and cartoons. Nearly failed every grade with head in the clouds and a handful of learning disabilities. after graduation fell into deep depression, was kicked out of art school and wandered aimlessly before finding soulmate. Bounced from one low-paying empty job to another until re-discovering old hobby of puppetry. Slowly made it into a career entertaining kids of all ages.

That's the 30 second version anyway.

So who are YOU?
User24 I'm 20, a web programmer, specialising in PHP, mySQL and javascript.

I enjoy theoretical hacking, search on to see my portfolio.

I'm a self confessed geek, well versed in AYBABTU and the geek code.

read my blathers to see the rest of me!
megan i'm a sixteen year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes

still in high school and loving it

i write tons

no idea where to go with my life

like user24, read my blathes, get my whole personality :)
what's it to you?
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