startfires have you ever been in one of those "off" states of mind and blathered something and then saw it again later and wished you hadn't said that? i just found one of those. makes me wanna change my name. 010329
nocturnal so many I can't even count them. so I've started using different names when I think I've just written something that could qualify as a "blather blush" and, looking back on those, I've made some wise choices. 010329
sabbie ahh, leap feet first without looking, i say. its a wonderful experience.

i think its good to look back at blather cringes. it was something you said at the time, presumably you felt it was right, or indicative of the state you were in at the time. leave it for posterity!

i look back at mine as little stones helping to form the path leading up to where i am now.

wow. how wanky. maybe i should post this under another name :)

nah. bollix to it.

this blather was bought to you by sabbie, the cover letter im writing to a recruitment agency and the number of non-responses i have had from people i have sent my cv too in a stupidly optimistic hope that they will want me to turn up to their place of work and pay me money.
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