unhinged the afterworld you float in for up to 49 days where you can either realize nirvana or be reincarnated. everyday there are words to say to guide you on your way. open your mind to the truth that would be terrifying. evil is just a different perception of good. emotions block the mind. humanity is what ensnares us in this sangsara. attachment blocks you from everything you have ever wanted. but if in the choynid bardo the true uttering of the mantra 'om mani peme hung' will find enlightenment 010819
MollyCule something tells me you've been talking to noah all day again. 010819
unhinged no....:-P so there

noah won't talk to me about buddhist philosophy cause he says it's a dangerous thing.
andru235 "should i play a knighto,
or an archero?"
asks gwendolyn.

i really don't care,
this i relate to her,
she gets pissed off,
despite the bizzility of the moment.

she taunts, jeering,
"then i'm gonna be a bardo!
let's see how you handle
a party with five bardos, huh?
take that, you dumb d.m.!"
she shouts this
and storms the adjacent room,
which is the breakfast nook.

gwendolyn has captured
the breakfast nook,
and erickc has followed her.
they use pillows
from the sofa
to turn the breakfast nook
into a fortress
where they hide,
rolling 10 d 20,
what's it to you?
who go