little wishes That i can't remember the name of the guy i first had sex with. 020120
SuicidalAngel oh thats no good 020120
pushpins when he casually glances at me in the video store, and returns to his rentals as if we had never been the biggest thing in eachothers lives. 020121
Sim Whereas once:
a W I D E horizon,
unmarred blue sky and tourmaline sea,
where we held hands and kissed out
vast, liberating screams of

a small window,
set deep in a striated walnut,
(where could have been bounded the Dane,)
through which
limitless potential is viewed
in dark,
ClairE Should I worry, or not bother? Worry doesn't solve anything, they say. They should understand sometimes it's an impetus to action. Especially with a girl who deals in words. 020122
babybat to-day 020122
me that you dont love me anymore. and you probably never did. my whole life is a lie. what am i supposed to do? i dont care anymore. i dont care about anything. i dont know if thats normal but.. i dont care. 021223
x you obviously do care 021223
blown cherry about losing control of my mind 021224
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