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(0) 420 watts of light shining in your face
It's the shining man
Dafremen I looked into myself today and found you there
Found your inquisitive stares charming, captivating for the first time in my life
I found peace in your all of your eyes and a hope to keep as my own in each of your smiles.

The fear had melted away and was replaced with a feeling that, with time, I could understand my unreasonable trembling.

In it was a feeling that we'd been here before and that nothing was as it is now. That we'd seen this before, when things weren't as they seemed and the ghost of the past was the spectre of the future. When all I knew was the now of those stares and the warmth of your inquisitive gazes, when the future twinkled with hope and the past was far behind. I wait there to this day, for you, to return and dance in the now, with the wonder of youth, elixir of recollection, sweet fond reminiscence of tomorrow. When that tomorrow comes, dance with me...in the now, be my star and let me shine my little shine, dance my little shuffle for you. With the wide-eyed humility of a child I ask..may I dance for you?
Dafremen The warmth of the spotlight is fading. Are there no other takers? For in the abscence of claimants I must claim it as mine and tuck it away. Locked in a box of sweet treasures, trinkets and memories, it will remain as bright as my hope and as stalwart as my dedications to our common dream. Take this spotlight, again I beseech you. Take it, make it yours.

For insomuch as you bedazzle the world, so too shall we all.
blather_spellcheck For in the absence of claimants I must claim it as mine and tuck it away. 011124
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