pete i find no peace, an i am not at war,
i fear and hope, and burn and i am ice;
i fly above the heavens, and lie on earth,
and i grasp nothing and embrace the world.

one keeps me jailed who neither locks nor opens,
nor keeps me for her own nor frees the noose;
love does not kill, nor does he loose my chains;
i hate myself and love somebody else.

i thrive on pain and laugh with all my tears;
i dislike death as much as i do life:
because of you, lady, i am this way.

fracesco petrarch
somebody *francesco 050916
andru235 funny; i just brought home a collection of petrarch's writings from the library. i guess that means he and i shall become lovers during the 35th century. it is clear to me, now. 050918
pete i've recently read a selection of his "letters on familiar matters", the "cazioniere", "the book with out a name" (or, i think, "the book with no names"), next is "the secret" and then more letters (which i think i've already read... yay for class overlap!)... good stuff for the most part in that arrogant humanist way of it. 050918
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