jennifer the main reason why the 90's were one of the most... unique eras... and also why the 2000's are probably not going to be much better.

stoners of the 60's became
trippers of the 70's who became
yuppies in the 80's and had
children of the 90's...
shauna hello, what is up, I don't get this 001219
moonshine Theres oh so many around here, around everywhere. In there glitzy abnormally normal track houses and there landrovers. here gap clothing and macy shopping bags. 010131
past i was walking home today, on the streets of a particularly middle class neighbourhood where no one believes in shovelling their sidewalks. i hear a car honk behind me and as i'm hugging the car tred as close to where the curb might be when the melt comes i turned around and waved, there's plenty of space for her to go past me. a friendly 30-something woman pulls up beside me, rolls down her window and idles in the middle of road, blocking anyone who would be trying to get down the road and lectures me on the dangers of not using the sidewalk on a day when the gods decided to dump 30cm on the city for fun. as soon as she finishes she drives off and pulls a reckless u-turn, presumably to track down the other hundred people cutting across the neighbourhood on the roads because the sidewalks won't be cleared til friday in the best case scenario.

as i watched her drive away without giving me a chance to even reply to her hypocritical response, the words floated through my mind: "ma'am, i'd be much more willing to listen to your advice if you took your caring, middle class soul out of that god damn car and tried to walk down the sidewalks through 30 cm of snow. otherwise shove it."
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