kookaburra hey lila pause.
now there is a blathe about whites.
Lila Pause Yay =) equal derogation for all! 040702
Lila Pause Who's going to cast the first stone? 040702
pete Whites?

We were in Medicine Hat. It felt as if it was 35 degrees or more. "Alright boys and girls, get into your whites!" the WO said. We mumbled to ourselves. "Whites! Bloody hell! I think they want us to die from sweating! I'd rather be in summer dress!" We dressed in our whites anyways. The pipers tuned their pipes, we drummers doned our drums. The black harness counteracted, naturally, any protective measure the thick longsleeved woolen whites would have provided us from the sun. The parade went on though, with us in our whites. Three hours later we finished the parade. Three hours of walking through Medicine Hat in the beating blazing sun in our whites with sweat dripping down our legs. Girls have told me how uncomfortable skirts can be when its really warm out, but have they ever been in a wollen jacket with a wollen kilt (the ugly Maple Leaf Tartan instead of my beautiful BlackWatch), a nice black hat, a black drum with a black harness that ways about 20 pounds, marching through the middle of Medicine Hat in 35 plus degree weather? I can only shake my head and excliam "Whites!" when I hear their complaints.
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