kingsuperspecial wanting something

each time I catch your eye
nothing happens.
you are just a passing face
maybe one in a million
The leap stays inside
frozen, I do nothing
and you pass

today I spoke to a stranger
the dog started it, really
and we chatted about dehydration
and commuting
standing outside the cafe
she nodded, the interrupted paper
hanging in space, unread
while I exercised a new found ability
to talk without wanting anything

sadly, when the want is there
the voice is gone,
I think to start, but then
think again and don't
standing on a mountain of excuses.
my history leaps into the future
making the climb to comfort impossible
the path obscured, invisible.

to want is to be unable to have
I become cold, stranded at the bottom
a legacy of shipwrecks,
lost souls memorialized
by pointed fingers, quite rooms
and insomnia.

without want, I can receive
empty and directionless
but have plenty of nothing already
kingsuperspecial uh...

that's "quiet" rooms. nothing like a good typo to kick you in the pants.

well, fuckit.
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