Raina I feel as skittish as a kitten right now... 001109
Chiller ok, blind date...
her boobs are biger than my head...
i feel like a bunny in head lights...
Casey I feel as if I'm going to puke my organs out all over this compaq keyboard. 011123
Aimee I have this feeling... I can't explain it... i just feel like something terrible is about to happen.. maybe I'll come home and find him with someone else.. maybe grandma will have cancer... maybe I won't make it home... maybe I'll have to prove to myself I am capable of greatness... i just don't know, but i have a very uneasy feeling. 011123
unhinged it was uneasy losing you
as much as i loved you
but there_is_nothing_here
something i can't really explain
except this vague feeling
that our moments weren't
mutually beautiful
i always knew you were full of shit
you said
after i scraped my knees
from falling so hard
i can't even feign smiles anymore
and i want my red hoodie back
i wouldn't want to steal your spotlight
for even a second
green with age
and circumstance
what's it to you?
who go