dafremen Marcia wipes her tears away
Tucks the front of her shirt back in
Shakes the feeling from her mind
Then faces her life again
But she's never the same
As she would have been
In a world that hadn't lied
But it did and the layers
Pile on deep
With the hurt she feels inside
When you're just fifteen
A reality sets in
That life may rock
And love may go
But cruelty
Burns hot and slow
The scars you have grow thick and cold
Like a parasitic skin
While the daily tastes
Of insanity
Dash the hope you hide within
But you can't spit out it's memory
Or be free to live again
In a world that doesn't lie.
Pisoo Mojadoo close your eyes
plug your ears
believe the stories you whisper under your breath

stay submerged
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