stork daddy when i see doorways
i think of drugs.
lots of things change
when you walk through a door,
but at least one thing stays the same
if you're still there on the other side.
and most doorways change very little.
You can live your life in the proscribed arena,
the kitchen the family room,
but don't ask about the little green door, or the attic
or the hinge door on the floor.
Yes stay to the proscribed area,
but there are so many drugs!
Brightly colored textures
in every sense are sold -
strange, like being charged
admission to doors in your own house.
I've seen my share of keys
and mainly you walk
through and its the same fuckin house
only upside down,
a cockney accent,
a dwarf or giant following you (whatever your fear)....
or else blurry or warmer
or bluer.
Seems more crowded sometimes
which isn't something
to panic over if you're open to love.
But it's still
the same house.
When what you really want
is out of the house-
when what you really want
is to take the liberties
you seee passing dogs
and cars and clouds
taking everyday from the windows.
We created cars and they get that liberty!
And yet how would we even know if we got there?
So we try each door,
we run through the house
door to door
like a ghost
like a disgruntled widow.
We take our drugs not
knowing whether
to be proud or pity-
wondering if there
are family rooms in funhouses.
stork daddy should be why there are family rooms in funhouses and not if 040326
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