the void

bathroom wall...
MollyCule so, you think the bunny's dead yet? 000517
Casey Julie:Come on you big lug, lets get you some food, new clothes, and a hot bath.

Maxx:O.K. but no bubbles this time

Damn, I was thinking out loud again

You got any toast?

Ir's time for cheers, Sam and Diane. The coach, and after he died, woody

I just bought the Maxx movie from amazon, it was great, but it was missing some stuff from the original series.
burden I remember the first issue... I used to look at it behind the cubbies, away from everyone else, as if it was something meant to be clandestine. I wanted to monopolize the wry enjoyment. I succeeded. 010624
silentbob this is a bad doll

its telling me things i dont want to hear

and if it doesnt shut up

im going to brush off its head
Casey Hello sarah, I'm a magical piece of talking clay 010625
birdmad isz isz isz isz isz isz 010625
Mr. Gone Not the outback they teach you about in school....this was Pangea 010625
Toxic_Kisses I watched every episode on MTV, I own the movie and I have a comic book of the first episode. I really need to get me a pair of jeans like Julieís... 011011
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