Strideo Tastey treat or unspeakable horror?
nomme slians 030718
hereiam a treat you shouldnt think too hard about. like ...
chocolate-covered grasshoppers
x unspeakable horror. it is only through severe effort that i can encounter one and not freak out. sneaky little hemaphrodites... 030723
sabbie hey otter,

i got your last letter. you make me proud babe.

have i told you about my next tattoo? its going to be a snail and some slater bugs. cos when they get hassled, slater bugs curl up into a little ball and keep doing what they were doing. they roll themselves into a cave built of their own bodies and still do what they want. same with snails. snails hang around dark places, mossy and damp, and do their own thing. and if they are forced by the world to withdraw into their shells, thats theyre house. they still have all these stuff around them, still have all their things they do. the world cant stop slater bugs and snails, no matter how hard it pokes.

and thats me. so im getting some tattooed.

i see you saturday otter.
stay warm until then.
newspapers make good blankets, if you have enough, and night light and street lights are from the same family.

love sab
woo woo are my most favouritest things on this planet even better than sex cos they make all the proper squelching noises without being embarassed 031110
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