The Schleiffen Man SHENANIGANS!

i call shenanigans on MollyGoLightly
AKA Splinken
AKA Montana Wildhack
AKA Boof Pixie
AKA Little Nuh

for blathering while hiding online...


release the frankenfistkittens!
Nature shall have it's revenge while going ME-*thump*-Ow!
The Schleiffen Man
how do you please to these charges? uh-huhuhuhuhuhuh
grendel heheheh..that was cool 000620
jane dave is the only person i know who says shenanigans.
carlita he calls shenanigans on everybody, for everything... i think it's quite funny 030729
misstree calling shenanigans is a very serious thing in my circles. it means that you're likely going to risk arrest before the night is over. it means people are going to be muttering about your activities, but not knowing who did them. it means that everything is fair game, and the game had better be a damn good one. it means you re-earn your prankster badge. it means Trouble. 040322
Death of a Rose i'm calling shenanigans on Lemon_Soda and Realistic Optimist.

sirflaccid Hey Favre! What's that place you like with all the leprechauns and green shit on the walls? 050927
In_Bloom Never forget I told you I would put aside distraction in an instant when if a real deal should cross my sight

What cards are you holding? What you show me in your eyes means not much to me these days which is a shame. For you, I should be honored.
what's it to you?
who go