R15EN The last chance saloon. Where the last call has been rung and the barman is wiping down the last of the glasses.

You think you know who you're going home with. Then you realise, a bit at a time, that the woman you've been buying drinks all night... she just likes to have someone smile at her and call her pretty. She's leading you along. She has no intention of following through. She's got somewhere better to be anyway.

So you stumble out into the night, and suddenly you're clear headed, and you walk to a cafe, and in there is a woman who looks... different. Who is kind and quirky and gets your pop culture reference jokes, and suddenly you're thinking that instead of a secret tryst with guilt and angst, your weekend will involve strawberry daquaris by the beach.

Turns out there are a load of saloons out there.
flowerock There's a place called The Saloon here. It's the most appealing bar I've walked past yet here. It's probably the oldest least classy one, I like cozy, not bright or overstimulating. real music from real instruments, relaxed people, christmas lights and neutral colors, probably wood paneling on the walls. smells old and woody and more like whiskey and rum than beer or vodka. 140613
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