squigglybee put a smile on your face, make the world a better place

if someone doesnt have a smile, give them one of yours

have a nice day!
Syrope the slow ones like this are great, but so are the really sudden ones where the letters tumble over each other... 020706
minnesota_chris Someone said once that my smile can light up the room. I've decided to smile more, and smile as much as I can.

I gotta stop those fakey smiles, though, where I'm smiling 'cause I don't know what the hell is going on. Nobody likes those smiles...
jane make_me_smile 021204
Y PONU 021205
Brainy Smurf UH??? 021205
minnesota_chris I went through some old pictures of the 2000 Romania teaching trip, scanning and archiving them. Powerpoint presentation as a matter of fact.

On one of the picture I saw that one of the highschool girls was smiling at me as I was teaching. Not just a regular smile, but she looked like I was kissing her hand or proposing marriage. Maybe I was just asking her a question, but gosh what a smile!
wish~ i'm gonna smile... cos i wanna make you happy
laugh... cos i don't wanna see you cry
i'm gonna let you go in style
even if it kills me
i'm gonna
-Lonestar, Smile
clueless every time I smile and don't mean it, it kills a brain cell. 040310
hsg Every time I think a thought without nicing it, I imprison my thoughts. 090201
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