Strideo Seven Frogs

Seven frogs start a fire.
All these frogs live in a tire.

Seven frogs huddle near the light.
These frogs sing all through the night.

Seven frogs share a toast!
They honor the one they love the most.

Seven frogs prepare for battle.
Tomorrow they cross the feild of cattle.

Seven frogs will have to fight.
They will topple the Rat King's might.

Seven frogs will defend the marsh.
The Rat King's rule is much too harsh.

Seven frogs around the fire.
How many will return to the tire?
thieums I saw one frog in the pond
I thought about it a second
And when I looked there again
Then a second frog has came

I saw two frogs in the water
One had a bass, the other a guitar
I ran away of amazement
When I came back, a third was present

I saw three frogs playing music
Ribbit, ribbit, the song was fantastic
But when I applauded for the show
All the frogs disappeared - oh no !
kookaburra wow, how many frogs do return to the tire? interesting question. I would have to say that only one returns. That way, that last little frog could sing the song by Marius in les Miserables: "Empty Chairs At Empty Tables" That would be very sad, but a fitting end for the story.

seven frogs fought, each filled with dread,
all but one were rendered dead.
Strideo cool!
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