Tank what a Woman has to do sometimes. what i have done numerous times in my life. what my friend is learning how to do. i wish i could take it all away from her. i know how hard it is to claim youself back from the dead. she didn't have to know this. i could have known it for her. it would have been so less consequential, (less not in), had i been the one to die. 000725
Aaron whqt happens to me EVERY friday nite. then i die late sunday nite. and it happens all over again. damn i love being a club kid. 000808
moonshine The suns resurrected itself in the sky. I m up, mobbed by cats, and loose end friendships. 000809
crimson She resurrected her Furby and named it Jesus_Christ. She even taught it to say its own name.
I really love this girl.
unhinged passtervana

right now my bliss lays dormant
and i'm finding it hard
to follow through on the things
i know will help it grow

so much to do
so little energy to do it with
The Resurrectionist a meta moment 131130
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