kidblink The picture...she looks straight at him
and he looks straight up to the sky.
(Public display of apathy: a whole new PDA)
He looked like the old him, trying to get over the old her, chain smoking with his knees up to his chest. A child.
sab in the photo, shes hugging him, and smiling at the camera for all the world to see
just before the stranger clicked the shutter, he got distracted by a seagull, soaring overhead
in the photo, shes involved in him
and hes looking away at something else.

she has a public display of apathy
but privatly, she seems to care very much
kidblink she still cares, and he never really did. 040512
Lemon_Soda Always hard to tell whether a small thing is incredibly important or pointless to worry about. 040512
thieums People in the bus dreaming of a better life. 051004
falling_alone walk away with your headphones blaring, and get lost in the
soundtrack of your life
while life passes you by and you miss the words people say
the rush of traffic
a child's crying
the drum of a thousand voices enveloping you at once
drown out your own thoughts.
what's it to you?
who go