Sol time is a construct of our own imagination, it cannot exist, we use it to justify our apparent progression and purpose. It is not constant though and it is apparently unilateral. if you learn to live out of time you live for now and not for tomorrow, the world makes sense because nothing has to make sense, there does not have to be a purpose to anything. you can be anywhere at any time (if physicians are to be believd) because you will be moving both infinately quickly and not at all, so eveywhere becomes one place, one unity one existance, it takes only one person to truly realise this and the universe will no longer exist because it will be made from parameters that cannot exist unless they are falsely observed (and by the action of observation they are influenced) 010507
Sol bend me backward tie me down
upon the rich and fertile ground
for now has come a time to see
for once and all what we can be
no chuckling thrush or moving air
to blow the leaves from your hair
no more is time upon us
we exist outside no one to harm us
but first i must find you yet
before the weeping skies forget
the way to let the sun shine through
and give unto the light its little due
and so my soul cries to the night
and my voice fades with the light
what's it to you?
who go