Dafremen How can the words of a stranger do this? Why are there teardrop lenses clouding up the wanderings of my mind?

Perhaps because the apathy is thick, so thick you could scoop it up and slather it on toast with marmalade. Perhaps because indifference is shat while concerns stays snagged down in our throats. We speak of love and fornicate, because love is sex and sex is love, explaining why we're so alone. We speak of generosity, then turn our backs on giving without gain. We speak of friendship and run away when our egos aren't fed. We leave this place as we found it, yet more cruel..a little colder. A little emptier with us than without us. We are the broken ones. These are the twisted times. These are the final days of our splintered ways. This is the dawn of CLAN on a global scale. The music of our hearts will find its place. Coming soon to a world near you, the opus of the human race.

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stork daddy daf...i think you are the opus of the human race. 031018
lick I think its more of an off Broadway play. 040127
Lemon_Soda Your starting to sound like me, Daf. 040127
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