jane i just ate it with a tangerine. i highly recommend this combination. 050228
unhinged among the sparse contents of my refrigerator is a jar of nutella. unlike peanutbutter, i could eat it with a spoon. but yes, that sounds decidedly and italianately delicious; a tangerine and nutella.

i wonder if the center of those ferrero rocher truffles is nutella. they taste suspiciously similar.
pSyche ferrero rocher are the people who make nutella. So yes, methinks you are right. 050301
jane mmm nutella and raspberry jam....mmmm 050308
falling_alone breakfast in germany
of continental breakfasts
with omelets and fresh bread
jams and spreads
we tried to take as much as we could for lunchs
spread it on slices wrapped in napkins
we tried to take more
but were scolded in german
and took it anyway
and heres_how_it_is
that i sit in my room and eat it with a spoon
IGG ferrero rocher make nutella?!

i think i just got my good_turn returned.
i was never allowed to have nutella as a child, never tried it in my life.

however, i could eat ferrero rocher until i turn into a huge praline-chocolate version of a human being [mmm....blather is making me so hungry today], so i think i have to try it.

is it just chocolate-nutty spread?
opinions, skites, please.

i have tried THE most gorgeous chocolate spread in the world. It's Green & Black's chocolate spread, it's fair trade and i bought a jar and ate it with my friend.
with a spoon and no bread.
birdmad hmmm...

a flat sheet of sponge-cake spread with carefully alternating stripes of raspberry jam, nutella and a little sweetened, (very slightly) orange-infused mascarpone cheese

rolled and then sliced, served with coffee, milk or a somewhat dry white wine or champagne
NoOne nutella was on a scavenger hunt i did once,
i didnt kno what it was

i still dont really kno...

its some kind of chocolate peanutbutter right?
birdmad a creme spread made primarily of chocolate, milk, and hazelnuts

a sweeter and more subtle taste than peanut butter

i saw a dessert that involved grilled pineapple slices, real, fresh whipped cream and a light drizzle of nutella

it sounded strange, but the taste was fantastic.
what's it to you?
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