deb i dont want to talk to him
he jumps up and says
but i just want to bury him
because he turned me black

how i would love to hurt him
i'm too fucking nice

i just ignore instead
coldtea f f f f f 000103
ClairE jumping up and down
fists clenched.

all your force focused
on one spot on the floor
you want to jump to the moon

until, like your mother said, you crack your head on the cabinet
and howl in pain.
june i know it's so true but you know one really does not know the entire circumstances behind the scene and he may not be guilty at all

what if he had been framed

anyway, it's not his responsibility to like me
so, it's human nature
i'd rather blow up something else or self-destruct in some minor fashion

killing myself slowly
for an ounce of your love
me fuck you 040828
three words noone nonononono em 060122
Freak She fell asleep with her little hand tangled in her hair. I guess old habits are hereditary too. 060123
what's it to you?
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