Cax Can you still say that theres no feeling
Would you still tell me that you care
The quiet times between us just stretch across our faces
and the lines from end to end are still there

It wasn't your voice that crushed my senses
I never thought you knew who I was
But then I saw you looking at me
and I knew there was just us

Do you ever hurt knowing you want something more
But you feel like you have to be quiet because of what they'll say.
with the way your body moves
I think Id stay here all day..

If I could see your silhouette for the first time
Id know who you were
I've memorized every curve
But i'm not always sure

Ive got a lot of things to learn
Ive got a long way to go
An'youve got me beat
but its all just a show

Maybe you should wait for me to come around
maybe the world's just holding us back
and every word hits the ground
and you can't ever take them back..
what's it to you?
who go