cube Don't leave blather on my account. It was me, being unduly sensitive to a perceived insult to my intelligence (see the_unchecked_expansion_of_the_universe). I get like that in some of my dimmer moments :-)

I would be curious to hear how you sound when you've not been drinking however...
Mateo I like me better sober, hope you do too. 020218
jackie "doctor gonzo" mc cracken "as your attorney, i advise you to take a hit from the small brown bottle in my shaving case" 020219
Mateo ja! 020219
Toxic_Kisses ...Confuses me

I cant tell if he's him or if he's ClarE? Or is their some one or two impersonating him?
Is he even a he? Or merely a persona some one else made up?
Mahayana i appreciate [mateo's] typos

[[=......!typo on!......=]]
Mateo Thanks! 020220
carne de metal pinneal gland! 020220
Jenna ClairE gave up blather for Lent. He is not ClairE. :D 020220
TK gerrrrrrrrrrr!!

I've tried 3 separate times to send you a card throw Web shots and it just won't go!!
Gosh darn it I'm not anti-social!!
(Well @ lest not on the net)
Mateo dont make up excuses for being antisocial!! Just kiding. JA. 020301
yummyC ja? 020302
carne de metal jajajaja.
its spanish for hahahaha!
carne de metal Mateo just passed 3 exams.
I am planning on buying him a car.
tourist I just passed some gas!
Can I have a car too?
carne de metal no, you can't. 020304
tourist Please Please
Pretty Please
I promise to only
Drive it to church
On Sunday
And to visit your
Lovely Mother
Late at night
carne de metal listen, any posts about my mother go in la_vieja_de_carne_de_metal please, lets keep it organized. 020305
what's it to you?
who go