oh no not me i have a thing for them. they signify so much for me, crazily. i'd always see him in there and i'd run straight for the piano. then he'd pass the piano and run straight for his room. interesting how things turn. 011103
oh no not me i'd_die_for_you, the other one said. he never followed through, though. wondering if he ever will? doubtful. i just try and supress the memories, because when i think of the puddles of blue staring into my eyes, murky with sweetness and sadness, i can't do much else but die myself. 011103
*_the missing link_* are you sneaking?
are you stirring?
i shall pass and mix my love for you with some sugary pops of green
there is no end
no end to it
he says 'fuck' without conviction,
and so i have hope.
ClairE The place for Uno. The place for reading, seule. A bad place to sleep, a bad place for homework. A den of thievery. Too far away. I can't wait to clean your lint traps and curl up with Lorna Doone at three A.M. again. 020101
kerry they made love in the laundry room... he smelled of tide 020101
emmi too many memories are tied to this place. get out, get out while you still can. 051214
what's it to you?
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