me? if everyone steals my ideas i will soon be jobless. as 'thinker of new things', my ideas are my life. but i guess as long as someone is thinking i have accomplished something... 991124
amy i happen to know that there are at least 2000 people in the world who are paid to think about the oceans. probably more like 10000. they don't worry about unemployment- they worry about saltwater. 000204
j_blue soon to be

my employer is closing offices left and right, the san_francisco office may be next

i often feel like i have no skills, and only barely manage to dupe someone into giving me money for what they call work

it kinda sucks to feel this way, especially since i know that its not true
silentbob i've never had a real job. 010119
j_blue your a youngin

i havent been jobless since 1997
the spork i may end up this way if i cannot contain the urge to tell my manager what i am really thinking about his idea of reorganizing the operational structure of this place

sadly he is a firm believer in the misguided philosophy known as TQM and actually believes all these slogans and "mission statements" and "vision statements" and a whole bunch of jargon vomited forth unto the world by overpaid consultants will ever actually amount to anything

but i am still so very low on the totem pole

my square on the org_chart is still s small one with a lengthy chain of bigger squares above it

phil there are no bigger squares 031031
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