j_blue definitely not anniversaries 001228
misstree the age of consent in your state of residence is a good thing to remember, though.

as well as dental hygeine. and where you live.

just trying to be helpful. *grin*
tourist When the world is all melting, and absurd things are happening all around,and you get the Feeling that this must be what it's like to be Dead, so you don't really need your clothes anymore because you're a spirit and beyond all that....It's a good thing to remember that You Dropped All that Acid a couple of Hours ago And SOME of this MIGHT not be REAL. 001229
j_blue you only get in trouble with statutory rape if the parents press charges in california 001229
Daria Youdon'trememeranything.

(oops, I forgot to space my words)
silentbob remember i still think you're cool 020403
Casey wear pants 020403
Dafremen sassy opinionated queer CAN be a term of endearment

Like "alright you fat bastard" or "if you arent the biggest asshole, I don't know who is" (said with a smile on the face)
iheartyou above all else- yourself.
hell yes, remember yourself.

i speak from experience
one time i forgot to remember
and then i had to start all over
it wasn't the shit
not at all
what's it to you?
who go