Toxic_Kisses When you look @ me
do you wonder how it would feel
to look into my eyez
drowning lost w/ in their recesses
to hold me
my frail petite frame agents your body
to touch me
gliding your hands up my ivory white flesh
to tease me
making me wet with anticipation
to kiss me
your lips on mine
to taste
my intoxicating wine
to hear me
say your name, say your name, say your name
Webley drifting along by this intoxicating rythm 040430
stork daddy why be intoxicating, when you can be outtoxicating 040430
In_Bloom It's heady stuff when we sweat
I breathe you in
I gasp us out
unhinged i can still remember the night at the nyabinghi when she pulled me close, no doubt to tease the boys we knew, and whispered in my ear 'you smell intoxicating. will you come home with me tonight?' i would have slept with her that night, till she spilled about how she hoped her ex would knock on her dorm room door and find us in bed together. ironically enough, me and him bonded over her.

but anyways, that night i was outtoxicating. for sure.

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