Mahayana ][think holding on makes U strong][?

:: sometimes its letting go ::
distorted tendencies I don't even know how to blather anymore. 020424
Casey There is no certain way to blather distorted, it's all free. I think I need to start holding onto things, other wise this part of my life will be gone forever. 020424
poetic_onslaught i definately agree that letting go takes strength. ive spent the past 2 years of my life trying to let go of the past. im trying so hard that im even considering moving to another state to finally move on. when you try to change or be who they really are, everyone around you wants to criticize you about who you are, as if they know u better than you know yourself. it only makes it harder. its hard to move ahead when you got a lot of luggage to carry. it takes strength to say goodbye and let it all go. 020424
atbotgin for life 020719
drstrangelove letting go to who? to what? letting what go? when? does anything physical happen? who, me myself or my mind or what? this sounds like that malarky in 12 steps program 'let go let god'.. for christ sake, asking a bunch of addicts to do someting they have no real understanding of is like asking a baby to demonstrate the unified field theory in practice. of course i wrong about this (as usual), just tell me where. 020720
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