paste! let's go hand pick our gravel
or blame the locksmith. your choice!
we'll never know how to figure out
whether the alternate first baseman
eats basil cheesecake.
so the grand figure is hearing us out
and we are unprepared:
we've never been ready
and the artificial vanilla
drips out of our pantlegs.
in daily terms, pounds of grinning
in slightly embarrased limestone.
when does the foot go the right way,
where is the finger poking our ribs
to distract us? like they say,
"a chicken will run around with its head
chopped off until it gets breast cancer."
i guess these are the finest words they can give now. white meat.
pete in my cart today: a whisk, some mushrooms, hot sauce, beans, pork chops, margarine, bunny food, bunny bedding, and a cheap bottle of red wine. 070426
fuffle don't eat any bunnies.
why don't you get a new pig then !
why is it top news that your pig died ?
but then again... thats kind of cool news..
its better than hearing the shit about people blowing each other up.
i would be sad if my catty died too though.
what's it to you?
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