silentbob everyone

tell me what you got for christmas.

best and worst.
gwyllynne a gift from the grave.......

he died at April's end
I cleaned his room after they took the body away
I must have overlooked it cuz they found a bag...see he used to save coins .....a bag he saved for me......and as a special gift it was received on X-Mas day.

yes there were other gifts, but this is the only one that has left an imprint
unhinged worst--- some really ugly brown sweater from my mom

best--- eh, it was one of those typical christmases with the clothes and gift certificates and cash...nothing really meaningful or cool
Sintina So self-concious about gift buying.
What if don't buy a gift for someone that buys me one?
What if so and so realizes their gift was very last-minute and didn't have much thought or love put into it?
What if so and so thinks I spent too much or too little or they already have it?

see: overanalyzing.
I swear. I love gift giving, and I do it abundently, moreso every year, and I tell myself, no matter what, it's the thought that counts... I just hope all the people I gave gifts too remember that... oy. 24 hours left! Christmas is great, really, it is. But let's get that unwrapping and food eating over with now kids!! I'm ready. :)
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