phil I have a frisbee, it's green with a big gold design printed on it.
We have made a few good memories, but one I remember, and don't understand, was my father carving, with a small rock, the star of david into it, messing up it's clean look. I can't figure why he would do that?
Ghost i luve frisbeeing. espesialy competative 4 a side frizbe! 020519
oren Along with the used tennis ball, is often covered with dog saliva. 020519
white_wave LOL !

and my hands are still wet...
Strideo Maybe he really wanted a Jewish frisbee?
p2 frisbee is a brand name
by wham-o
the folx who brought you
the hula-hoop
her royal highness the quirk now that it's warm, there are guys outside my dorm who play frisbee every day. it's rather entertaining. 040304
darkstar theres something magical
when the disc floats
above your head
and you run
with all your might to catch it
before it sails to an ending
on the cool grass
i want to marry this frisbee boy
he has long hair and holds my face when he kisses me
we throw sometimes, but mostly i like to watch him
run like an antelope
outta control
Uchi-Bunuchi If you dont konw what is then is undenitified fling saucer! 060130
what's it to you?
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