thenestor adj: used to describe an egoist. 981121
MollyGoLightly When in the right dress, I get this way. 000504
Brad Provided that someone really knows what they are talking about, this quality is rather pleasant to me. 000505
4550ormore surest way to a quick fall 000527
eek when you think that everything is all about you that everyone is looking at you and that huge zit on your forehead when in reality nobody even noticed. Everyone is talking about you in code. 011130
roomite that's not egocentricity eek, that's paranoia... 011130
whoknows me? nope 011130
phil the way you get lost in oneself:
explaining yourself to others.
egocentric force, circular, singular
overcoming egocentrism:
perhaps a trickster always leaving
then returning to one's own self
reasons for both journeys the same
for one person
to know another's pain.
optic discretion perhaps not as bad as people may think it to be,
it doesn't necessarily mean you have to become so engrossed within your own benefit, that everything must be according to your every whim,
but that the spirit of humanity lies within the fact that you stand up for your beliefs no matter what the cost.

that is the glory of mankind.
. . 031205
neverisalways Daddy 031231
mon . 031231
slothisily egotistical
the world revolves around me
me me me me me...
. egomaniac 040131
what's it to you?
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