god 3 days, three hours sleep
5 bottles of wine
ran sound for 12? bands
played one set
recorded 4...... 5 bands
no pay as of yet
now to go back to work....
pat sajak quack crack black 010911
tonya the delicate crunching sounds of horf_mallets against dried pudding 010911
boerg47 colours 011128
squillo behind my eye, rivers of molten octopus.
industrial solvent cocktails and fluoride surprise.

wrapped in plastic dipped in plaster

paste! underneath my ass, cathedrals.

champagne for EVERYONE!
Ariadani covered with peanutbutter? 020702
whitechocolatewalrus next to the frozen duck pond.
look down
deep down
there you will see the live ducks
swimming around
waiting for the thaw
Doar Eerily a silent parade of slow movement,
Flashes of washed white encasing a crystalline marrow.
Keep your incorporeal whispers close at hand.
Stay quiet as the ducks swim under their frozen cage.
Strideo sometimes you can find them under the_white_van. caught in the undercarriage, twisted in the drive shaft, and even sticking to the oil pan. take thier little white bones and throw them down a well. don't worry, no need to fret, its too late to take them to the vet and the game warden won't send you to jail.
what's it to you?
who go