me? Chorus on Acid:

1) Spike punch with LSD
2) Serve punch before a large choir performance of a large, religious peice
(The Messiah, Gloria in Sanctus eus, etc.)
3) Sit back and watch how God moves the choir.

What's great is that (supposedly) the drugs wont hit until halfway through
the performance, and then we'll have tenors clawing at themselves and
sopranos running and leaping off the stage into the orchestra pit. Sounds
like a blast.
amy is this fun? would you call this fun? no, i wouldn't call it fun, exactly. interesting, maybe. but definitely not fun. i wouldn't say that i'm actually enjoying myself. i'm laughing but i could be crying. 000201
god i'd show up 011212
bijou god, i love you
(it feels good to say that for some reason)
god i love you too, bijou. 011212
bijou that feels good too. 011212
phil What a nice lovely time, how touching, truly felt, deeply fortified. I love you god. 020305
nemo i love the feeling 020305
pete you could tell by the way he walked, by the way he fell into the door instead of opening it, that he was drugged. his mouth was full of cotton swabs and his eyes were distant. he's missing four teeth, and the wisdom that went with them. 050915
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