unhinged like seeds unsprouted 080628
They call me Truth- Some are afraid of their dreams
The world is too small for dreams it seems
Some try to limit their goals
So many fears, so many holes
So many ways to fall
Too much to count them all
So they follow a role
And settle into mediocrity
Cast their dreams into obscurity
And settle for a settlement that acts like cement crippling betterment
And dreamt dreams not knowing what they meant
Their power ignored in the numbness of forgetting
And regretting not getting the chance to take hold of them before letting them go with the setting of the sun
And so some close their eyes
While their biggest dream dies
Without saying anything
Trade them for so many things
Trying to fly with broken wings
I know why the cage bird sings
It sings because itís not free
Free to dream, free to be
But more importantly
Singing is all it can do
But not you
You can do more
Than leave your dreams at the door
unhinged traffic

...there's no saftey in dreams

frank silver, ivet
Myrra aka WFi Sometimes your dreams can destroy a beautiful reality that's right beneath your feet. 081004
In_Bloom We call to each other and catch the breeze
Across the ether

We call to each other to keep reaching and filling up the in between spaces
Of halfway

Together in being apart
Loving and dreaming hearts
We build a new world
what's it to you?
who go