Toade The child's shrill scream was silenced as the wild dog's fangs sank into its face. Limbs flailed, tiny fists beat uselessly against the hairy muzzle that now held it off of the ground. A few quick shakes - the limbs stiffened, then grew still - the human pup died that the dingo pups would live. 991122
sabbie and i shall dress my daughter in black
and red and green and purple
and i will photograph her often
and i shall take her on holiday
no matter where i go
and we shall built sand castles together
and i shall watch her grow.

my best friend's mother was named zaria.
touched by the hand of dingo baby

the other OTHER white meat
CinnamonGirl nobody's really my friend
my friend
nobody wants to hold me back
as I fall
through the holes
in life
I stumble bling

there my dong who'd really love to
but he can't
he's a too simple creature
for matters like that
but when he looks at me
and smile with his nose
like no one know
that's close
CinnamonGirl there=there's

dingo my nickname!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and seinfeld when elaine says "maybe the dingo ate your baby!" 030429
nomatter God I love that line. The way she says it. Genius. 030916
misstree the top post here compeletly made my day. i think i'll edit some background or other so i can bask in it all day. neato. 030916
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