silentbob complicate 031014
a thimble in time "The more wisdom the more vexation."
Piso Mojado i underlined that exact line only a week ago. except that my version uses heartbreak. 031015
a thimble in time "Two are better than one; for they recieve greater reward for their labor." Eccl 4.9 031015
Piso Mojado it's "to increase learning is to intcrease heartache" 031018
a thimble in time O my dove, who art
in the clefts of the rock,
in the secret places of the cliff,
let me see thy countenace,
let me hear thy voice;
a thimble in time somewhere in Song of Songs 031026
Whitechocolatewalrus I often contemplate the meaning of life, but it never fails that I come up with the same answer every time. There is no meaning, we just are. (I wish I believed in God, but I see no proof. Is there something wrong with this?) 031108
a thimble in time 'When all is said and done, do good and act righteously...'
~final verse in Eccl.

I think the point is that meaning comes from doing. For example, you can study carbohydrates, glucose, fructose, amino acids, protein, fat, and intestinal anatomy for ten decades, but strenuous contemplation of the digestive process will never bring you the simple all-consuming pleasure of eating a juicy plum.

You can know that food is good for you by studying biology and science, but real meaning comes from taking a bite.

Hence the well known cliche: "The proof is in the pudding."
Colonel Mustard Well I never thought to look there! 031124
Yehuda Amichai "The gods keep changing,
but the prayers stay the same."
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