sabbie sportin' a cheshire grin
for all sorts of internal reasons
but externally
because it makes people in the office
misstree i can't keep it in
no matter how much it confounds
friend and foe alike, i cannot express
the bursting nougat of joyalmighty and
carnival colors that shimmy and spark and
i can't put into words what makes me
grin so wide it splits me open
and showers the whole scene with confetti,
but ya gotta believe me,
somewhere in the world,
there are goings on
that are worth
that magnitude of grin.
Wall Weasel oh that grin, it drives me mad how a smile so putrid can feel so peircing to ones heart. 040909
misstree and it was the dark alice in wonderland ball
and i danced with a rabbit
and played with all the lovelies
and it was so much like my home of old
that i nearly soared, and
it wasn't overwhelming,
but it was intensely nice, and
odd in that ohsospecial way, and
when we left, i heard a familiar
jingle in the places where birdies talk,
and i looked right into the face
of the moon's cheshire grin
and got to bathe in her light
like the last time i stood next to this gent
and looked into the sky in the middle of
a breathless and mildly enchanting night.

last time it was near full profile,
but this time,
after chatting with a card and a captain,
it was a perfect cheshire grin,
and i don't know if it was her or Momma
or all of it speaking through them
but it renewed its previous blessing
and left us to follow the moonlit paths
with her silver in our eyes.
stilled by beauty . 070219
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