elimeny something wonderful has happened to you
you had me fearing you for a little while
im glad you sorted things out, i hope that the necessary things i was forced to say helped you in some way. you seem a bit happier, like you have discovered that it really is up to you to be happy. and it makes me very happy that you had friends over.

we can't be friends, and that is a shame. but i do want you to know that i don't regret you being in my life. in fact, you have no idea how thankful i am that i did meet you.

so don't think i hate you, i don't. but you scared me, and made me angry. but now im good, and i hope you are too.

you are in my prayers. and this one IS directed at you.
Alden Thank you. Really, your words warm my heart. I wish you knew the subtle shift that has occured in me that has resulted in such a wonderful change. Things were hard for a while, and I imagine the certainly will be again, but now I feel so good about the fact that I'm learning how to feel good that I know everything is going to work out in the end. You helped me with that, and now, all I have to say is thank you. 030129
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