samm (just a pair of eyes shining from the cupboar anthropomorphism:

Oh cool!
they put a new one in there...
my favorite toy (Yay!)

bat, bat, bat, heh,

goddamn, this is just keeps spinning and making that rattling noise i like so much and ooh... this stuff is soft

how do i not love this stuff?!
i can spin it around until i get tired of it, then i can play in the pile it makes on the floor

Holy Shit!

it's two toys in one!
(yes, now i know they love me)
sirflaccid Lily vs. Charmin

I believe this will prove to be a never ending battle between the forces of cuteness and utility.
dxl diesel vs. seventh generation 030106
tourist I'm Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has teeth marks in his toilet paper. 030107
Lilac thanks for reminding me that I needed to shut the bathroom door! 030107
screwing for virginity when i saw this subject listed on the recent page, i thought it was about which was a better material to wipe with.

but now i no longer have the urge to beat the maker of this blath.
Lilac lmao 030108
misstree in this case, i would vote toilet paper. cat gives fuzzybutt, quite uncomfortable and inefficient.

though watching them clean themselves afterwards is more fun than coating hampters with caulk and playing "let's turn the walls into modern art."
niska i also thought it was about wiping one's ass with a cat.

i wouldn't have been surprised either, had it been...
what's it to you?
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