nighean_siofra why does it always have to be me that people cancel on?? is it something about my personality?? i really don't understand why this happens to me all the time. i mean, i can understand and sympathsize with my friends, but at the same time i'm so angry. i hate being left in the lurch. i look forward to hanging out all week, finally seeing some friendly faces, relaxing, having fun...then wham, i call to say i'm on my way and what happens? oh sorry, thats not happening tonight anymore. it didnt work out. well ok. great. but couldnt you have told me this before i was halfway there?? i hate this!!! now i'll have to go back home and watch some crappy movies that i dont even like till i fall asleep. i just dont understand why. i mean, its all my friends that do this to me. not just one or two. i'm beginning to wonder if theres something wrong with me.
somehow, no matter how many things i plan to do with people,
i always end up alone
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