thenestor Karen likes brie. I think it's her favorite cheese. It's French, you know. Like French Fries. Oh wait... those aren't French. They're Italian. Or something. 981204
emma cheese and depressing music and something i forget are really all you need. 981204
k he's right. karen does like brie :) :) :) brie is one of the best things on earth. completely. i could eat an entire thing of it in one sitting if you let me. ahhhhhhhh. 981205
thenestor I met a girl named Brie once at Disneyland. My best friend and I fought over her all day long. That was a crazy time. I wonder where she is now. 981208
leslie is very good melted in a little bowl made of sourdough bread. But watch out, it's rich. 990528
mathias the skin is best part sometimes, even if it is canadian. george came home for the netherlands and craved not red meat but hard french bread, brie, and rich red wine (we agreed on merlot).
odd from an ohian future car salesman, no?
Daria Don't melt it! That's nasty. Eat it with potato chips. Eating cheap food and expensive food at the same time iz real fun. 020225
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