u24 blather, but projected onto a wall.
with music.
u24 but seriously, it might be interesting to keep a list of skites who've blathed within the last month. anne-girl, if you get there first, i'll use it. 060224
u24 because while the_blatherskite_list is useful, it does just catch everyone. I'd like to see the_active_blatheskite_list. 060224
u24 excuse me.
anne-girl i think perhaps who-page hackery would be useful here too 060224
meta meta 060515
anne-girl la dee da 060515
anne-girl i feel like i should write some scripts to do things like this, get the initial information, put them on a server somewhere that'll let me have cron jobs, and then run update scripts once a day so that i don't only have what was done in 2005 080331
TCMT I was thinking that blather could be used for a whole bunch of collaborative blather projects. here is a list of potential ones.

1. blatherskite_hypertext_novel
2. blather_religion
3. blather_role_playing_game
4. blather_scavenger_hunt
5. blather_truth_or_dare or blather_challenges
6. blather_debates (on any topic, not just political)
7. blather_shares_interesting_obscure_knowledge

I think at least some of these might be cool.
what's it to you?
who go