alice and sometimes it makes me feel ugly
or beautiful also
meander around like a kid in a candy store, or maybe a funky art gallery, with finger paint readily available, to add to the psychedelic mural on the walls
monee it_is. 050105
() () 050105
camille blather like braille helps me to see a whole new spectrum of a word , thought, idea, different point of view 050105
Q mind-blowing, sometimes 050111
camille a rich blather explosion
imploring expression and insight

i want to close my eyes for now and see the world through yours
Q I've striven to
keep mine open despite
your blinding sun to
see the spring pirouetting in
the snow on the flatiron across
the ice you've laid on
the lake outside
that bedroom door.
poor knock off cousin eyes shut, pressed bright, palms fireworks nerves and flesh to northern lights to mind with the rind of oka pork spattered air from the grind of indian burned wrists. I won't truffle you with rooting around for more details. 050121
. blather_magic 050122
12xk 'kx21'_released_from_'demonic_oppression'... 050123
Syrope not only does it make me feel ugly sometimes, but it's one of those things that is so beautiful that you come back anyway, just to feel miserable. just to claw at the already gaping wound.

that's shit isn't it?
meta meta 051214
what's it to you?
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