benjamin oliver is my name 000609
jeffrey benjamin is his name
chosen lower case letters
to signify is plurality
he is aware that your name may also be benjamen
but nevermind that fact
if you are here by mistake maybe you have no interest in benjamen
but maybe you do and need to be reminded of it
remember when the babysitter would come in at night and sleep with you
remembr how it felt when she mad eyou touch it
now do you see he
is benjamin
killed by the shotgun in your fathers closet
on his fourteenth birthday
now do you see he is benjamin who it all about baby
do you see
J benjy was a small hairy, stuuupid looking dog. i think it was a movie too. saw part of it at a mcdonalds once. 020227
Logan My Brother, great kid, although his motovation is directed in the wrong place. I love him anyways. 020228
fritz The first time I met Benji was when he was running down the hallway with a guitar. He was in a band called Four Year Fight, with Brian and Zach. Zach hadn't told me he was in a band, but they were just starting. Ben invited me to their first show, give me an address, and thoroughly integrated me into the local scene. For that I'll always owe him one.

He does drugs too often, sleeps and eats too little, but is a brilliant mind.

Benji really was a shame.
three words benjamin i_want_to_sleep_with_someone_else paradise 050608
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