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SuicidalAngel I Love Ben Harper!! 030414
:-* such a beautiful... talented... beautiful man. 030414
carlita saw him friday night in milwaukee with jack_johnson. great show! 030630
no reason he's coming here tonight.

eddie vedder sang a bit of his song "with my own two hands" and got the audience to sing it too. he said that it was a song by his friend ben who would be here soon.
unhinged my brother burned me the queens of the stone age cd and he is so anal about wasting space on cd-r's that he added some ben_harper songs to the end to fill up the disc. he picked special ones for me. 'my own two hands' 'when it's good' 'amen omen' and this other one that has the line 'i have heard one hundred violins crying' and i know that's why he picked that one, cause of the line about the violins. my brother's sweet like that. and i miss him. and everytime i hear ben harper or even just hear his name i think of my adorable brother. ben harper is his hero. on many levels. i got him tickets to the jack_johnson / ben_harper concert in cleveland for his birthday but i was already here in milwaukee so i didn't get to go with him. boo. *sigh* 030904
no reason "the one i love today i hardly know" 080202
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